BEHRINGER FCA 202 F-CONTROL FireWire® Audio Interface. BEHRINGER FCA-202 idealan za laptop s 2 ulaza/2 izlaza 24-Bit/96 kHz, izuzetno male latencije.

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BEHRINGER FCA 202 F CONTROL FireWire® Audio Interface. BEHRINGER FCA202 idealan za laptop s 2 ulaza/2 izlaza 24-Bit/96 kHz, izuzetno male latencije.

Karakteristike BEHRINGER FCA-202 F-CONTROL:
    Ultraflexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer etc. with your computer for recording and playback
    High-resolution 24-bit/96kHz converters for high-end audio quality
    Ultralow-latency drivers for Windows XP and Mac OS X included
    Stereo headphone output with dedicated level control
    Dual high-bandwidth FireWire connectors for absolute flexibility
    Powered via FireWire bus or included power adapter
    Powerful DAW software included (Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition, Kristal, Audacity)
    Power and FireWire status LEDs on front panel
    Standard port for Kensington security lock provided
    Live Lite 4 Behringer Edition includes all of the following features:
    Jam with sounds and phrases in the uniquely interactive and nonlinear session view
    Improvise and record song arrangements
    Combine loops, phrases, complete songs and audio recordings of any tempo
    Export audio (render, re-sample, and consolidate)
    Instantly record new audio and MIDI clips
    Modify tempo, groove and timing of recorded audio at any time
    Draw or edit MIDI sequences
    Import MIDI files
    Build combinations of effects by drag-and-drop
    Use clip envelopes to modulate pitch, timing, volume, and effect parameters of the individual notes in a sample
    Gain unprecedented realtime control by assigning clips and all mixer, transport, and effects parameters to computer keys
    Tap and automate tempo
    Crossfade clips (DJ style)
    13 live audio effects (auto-filter, chorus, compressor, EQ four, gate, ping pong delay, erosion, filter delay, grain delay, simple delay, vinyl distortion, redux, reverb)
    5 live MIDI effects (chord, pitch, random, scale, velocity)
    Side chain inputs/outputs

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