Neke od glavnih karakteristika Ketron Lounge Multiplayer & Sound Module u nastavku:
Sounds: 368 preset voices, 632 GM sounds, 62 drum kits, 368 user voices
Drum Machine with 391 drum styles, 269 live drums, 86 midi patterns, 272 drum loops, 397 grooves, midi drum mixer, 4 variations, 4 fills, 4 breaks, intro and ending
Stem player with 5 simultaneously playable audio tracks incl. transpose, time stretching, loop, solo, mute and autoplay
128-Voice polyphonic
DSP effects: Chorus, reverb, flanger, phaser, tremolo, rotary, echo delay, tap delay, EQ, distortion, amp simulation, compressor, filter
54 Insert effects
10 Programmable insert chains

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