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Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II Portable MIDI Interface
LINE6 MIDI MOBILIZER II prenosni MIDI interfejs. 

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Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II Portable MIDI Interface
LINE6 MIDI MOBILIZER II prenosni MIDI interfejs. Spojite bilo koji MIDI uređaj sa Vašim iPhone® ili iPad® uređajem uz pomoć  LINE6 MIDI Mobilizer II ! MIDI interfejs namijenjen za korištenje sa Apple® iOS uređajima. Uz pomoć LINE6 MIDI Mobilizer II  CoreMIDI aplikacije će Vam pokazati svoj puni potencijal. 

Specifikacije za LINE6 MIDI Mobilizer II:

Connect any MIDI device to your iPhone® or iPad®, fire up CoreMIDI apps like GarageBand® for iPad® and make music any time, any place.
The new number 2.
MIDI Mobilizer II is descended from MIDI Mobilizer, the original MIDI interface for Apple® iOS devices. This latest version supports CoreMIDI for compatibility with the latest apps.
What's CoreMIDI?
CoreMIDI is the newly developed Apple standard for iOS MIDI apps. An extension of MIDI, the world standard for all non-audio digital recording, CoreMIDI has been established as the exclusive MIDI language for all iOS music apps.
GarageBand for iPad.
MIDI Mobilizer II is compatible with GarageBand® for iPad®, the great new version of the program that makes real music creation on iPad incredibly easy.
Use vintage and modern MIDI gear.
Still attached to your classic MIDI controller? Whether you’ve got a modern beatbox or the first MIDI ’board ever made, no matter – with MIDI Mobilizer II, you can connect it to your Apple® device and play away.
Are you compatible?
MIDI Mobilizer II is compatible with iPod touch® (3rd and 4th generations), iPhone® 4, iPhone® 3GS, iPad® 2 and iPad®